What We Do


Delivering buildings and structures in the industrial, commercial, and education sectors, Noble Group of Companies provides an exceptional experience for our clients, employees, and industry partners. We believe in excellence, ethics and expansion. Our escalated growth and presence across various sectors have been highly prominent in Saurashtra. Whether we are building on the edge of the Arctic Circle, an operating plant site, a suburban development, on campus or in the downtown core, customized teams and a relentless attention to detail ensure well-built projects, satisfied clients, and timely delivery.


The vision of Noble Group of Companies has shaped the way we see Junagadh today. It has helped people not only in having their dream of owning a house come true but has also helped their business by building commercial spaces that enhance the business growth. With several ongoing Residential and Commercial projects, Noble Group of Companies is marching in the direction for the betterment of infrastructure in Junagadh.


Noble Group of Companies has changed the way education used to be by introducing Bagless School Concept, first of its kind in Junagadh. With the various innovative way to teach kids so that they can study as well as implement what they study in the day to day life, Eklavya Global School and Eklavya Public School are moulding the lives of the future generation. Noble Group of Institutions is providing a platform to the visionary students who will be the future responsible citizens by adding values to what they study.


With Suraj Cineplex and Suraj Fun World, Noble Group of Companies added to the list of places where people can relax and get entertained. With the best Audio-Visual experience and every movie getting released in Junagadh itself, people are now relieved because there is no need to go to others cities to watch the movies. Suraj Fun World is making sure to give kids jolly rides and adults get their share of the adrenaline rush too.

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