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Buying a Home is investing your entire life into a place and it’s as critical as finding a life partner! Noble Group knows the values and emotions attached with Home and that is the reason we build responsibly. For us, the safety of the workers and the ones who are going to reside matters a lot.
To execute the dream of a luxurious living in Junagadh, shaping it in the form of Noble Crown, Noble Group has carried out various security checks that have never been done before in Junagadh.
Below is a brief glimpse of these tests:

Concrete Cube Test

1. Concrete Cube Test:

• Concrete is one of the most critical elements of construction and it is necessary to check the quality and strength of concrete before it is used.

• A successful Cube Test for checking concrete quality ensures that your home is going to be the safest place on the Earth!

Concrete and Aggregate Testing

2. Concrete and Aggregate Testing:

• Ready Mix Concrete(RMC) which is used for construction is made under controlled conditions and it has to follow certain regulations laid down as per the type of buildings.

• For Noble Crown, the consistency of the RMC batch produced has been thoroughly checked.

Concrete Slump Test

3. Concrete Slump Test:

Before the concrete is set, it needs to be checked for consistency. The Concrete Slump Test is used to check whether the batch of concrete is made using appropriate proportions of its constituents and is uniform for all types of loads!

4. Water curing Concrete:

To see that the concrete used is strong enough to bear the loads and does not lose moisture quickly, water curing test is carried out so that the concrete columns retain water and stays strong without breaking down.

5. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test(UPV):

• An ultrasonic wave is passed through the concrete mix and the time taken by the pulse to pass through the mix is taken into consideration to check the quality and strength of concrete.

• Apart from these quality and consistency tests, MEB Consultants from Ahmedabad were involved in the entire process of Electrical and Plumbing planning for Noble Crown. This is the first time that such precautions and safety measures along with special construction consultancy have been carried out in Junagadh.

•This is the right time to book your Taj and invest in your dreams!

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